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Dog and Cat

1 9 7 7 (USA)
6 x 60 minute episodes

This (very) short-lived light-hearted look at police work first aired on ABC on 5 March 1977 and managed to last until 14 May, running for just six episodes before being cancelled.


A young Kim Basinger played beautiful blonde Officer J.Z. Kane, a rookie cop with the 42nd Division of the LAPD who was partnered with longtime undercover veteran Detective Sergeant Jack Ramsey (Lou Antonio) who prided himself on being a good policeman but stayed out of headquarters as much as he could.

Matt Clark co-starred as Lieutenant Art Kipling.

Kane and Ramsey tooled around town in Kane’s beaten-up 1966 VW Bug that had a Porsche 912 engine in it.

“Dog and cat” is a slang term used by police officers to denote a male-female partnership.

Det. Sgt. Jack Ramsey
Lou Antonio
Officer J.Z. Kane
Kim Basinger
Lt. Arthur ‘Art’ Kipling
Matt Clark