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Dr Shrinker

1 9 7 6 – 1 9 7 7 (USA)
16 x 15 minute episodes

Evil scientist Dr Shrinker (Jay Robinson) lives on an island with his assistant, Hugo (Billy Barty), working on various inventions, including a shrinking machine.

Three teenagers – Brad Fulton (Ted Eccles), BJ Masterson (Susan Lawrence) and her brother, Gordie (Jeff MacKay) – crash land their plane on the island and Dr Shrinker decides to use them as guinea pigs to test his shrinking ray.

The trio – now shrunk to six inches – manages to escape from his lab and establish a base in the jungle. Dr Shrinker then spends the rest of the series thinking up of new ways to recapture the “shrinkies”.

Dr Shrinker was one of three segments from the first season of the Krofft Supershow.

The characters of Dr Shrinker and Hugo also appeared in the Lost Island segment on the Krofft Superstar Hour – with Dr Shrinker now called Dr Deathray.

Dr Shrinker
Jay Robinson 

Billy Barty 
Brad Fulton

Teddy Eccles 
BJ Masterson

Susan Lawrence 
Gordie Masterson

Jeff MacKay