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Eddie Capra Mysteries, The

1 9 7 8 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

Eddie Capra (Vincent Baggetta) was an unorthodox attorney with the mind of a detective and a knack for bailing out his firm’s defendants at the last minute.

Born in Brooklyn, Capra attended Brooklyn Polytech High School and after graduating from the New York University School of Law he acquired a job in Los Angeles with the prestigious law firm of Devlin, Linkman and O’Brien.

Debuting on 15 October 1978, each episode started with a murder and Capra then spent an hour piecing together the clues.

Before the final scene, it was up to the audience to try its hand at pointing the finger. And while the audience would often be wrong, Capra never was.

His unconventional style exasperated the senior partner of his law firm, JJ Devlin (Ken Swofford) but captivated Lacey Brown (Wendy Phillips), Capra’s secretary and love interest; his young legman Harvey Winchell (Michael Horton) who is studying to be a lawyer, and Lacey’s daughter, Jennie (Seven Ann MacDonald).

The format was tried before by NBC in the fifth remake of Ellery Queen.

Eddie Capra
Vincent Baggetta
Lacey Brown
Wendy Phillips
J.J. Devlin
Ken Swofford
Seven Ann McDonald
Harvey Winchell
Michael Horton