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Ellery Queen

1 9 7 4 (USA)
1 x 120 minute episode
22 x 60 minute episodes

Invented in a 1929 novel called The Roman Hat Mystery (by Frederic Dannay and Manfred Bennington), the character of Ellery Queen was first brought to the small screen by Richard Hart in the 1950s series, The Adventures Of Ellery Queen.

When Hart died of a heart attack the title role passed to Lee Bowman, then to George Nader and eventually to Lee Phillips.

After 15 years the character was revived by the American NBC network, with the part of Queen was played by Jim Hutton, who was later cast in the abortive US version of Butterflies.

This 1940s period piece told of the cases of a New York mystery writer-turned-supersleuth, and added a pleasant leavening of self-conscious humour, epitomised by Queen turning to the audience just before the dénouement to ask “Have you figured it out?”.

David Wayne – who played Queen’s policeman father – was previously on the other side of the law as Batman villain, the Mad Hatter.

Two years after handing in his badge as Queen Snr, Wayne resurfaced as Willard ‘Digger’ Barnes in Dallas.

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