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Executive Suite

1 9 7 6 – 1 9 7 7 (USA)
18 x 60 minute episodes

This American soap opera from CBS probed behind the scenes of big business – in this case, the powerful Cardway Corporation (a major metropolitan conglomerate in Southern California) – from the boardroom to the bedroom.

The short-lived series looked at the lives of the highest-level Cardway employees, including president Dan Walling (Mitchell Ryan), vice-president Howell Rutledge (Stephen Elliott), plant manager Tom Dalessio (Paul Lambert), PR head Mark Desmond (Richard Cox) and board member Anderson Gault (William Smithers), along with their families, schemes, affairs and underhanded dealings.

Only 18 episodes were produced and the show originally ran on CBS from 20 September 1976 until 11 February 1977.

Among the regular characters was Yvonne Holland (who turns out to be a former porn star), played by Australian actress Trisha Noble, a former pop star and Bandstand regular (as Patsy Ann Noble).

Dan Walling
Mitchell Ryan
Helen Walling
Sharon Acker
Brian Walling
Leigh McCloskey
Stacey Walling
Wendy Phillips
Howell Rutledge
Stephen Elliott
Astrid Rutledge
Gwyda Donhowe
Pearce Newberry
Byron Morrow
Hilary Mason
Madlyn Rhue
Anderson Gault
William Smithers
Glory Dalessio
Joan Prather
Tom Dalessio
Paul Lambert
Summer Johnson
Brenda Sykes
Mark Desmond
Richard Cox
Harry Ragin
Carl Weintraub
Marge Newberry
Maxine Stuart
David Valerio
Ricardo Montalban
Yvonne Holland
Trisha Noble
Walter Johnson
Nat Jones


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