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Family Feud (USA)

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One of the many American game shows produced by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman, Family Feud was a popular programme that pitted two families against each other as they tried to match responses to questions previously asked of 100 people. Five family members played on each of the two teams.


Richard Dawson (of Hogan’s Heroes fame) hosted both the network and syndicated daytime shows in the US, and is the host most closely identified with the series.

Dawson’s affectionate treatment of contestants on the show and his gentle chiding made him extremely popular with both the families who were competing and with the studio and viewing audiences.

In 1988, when Family Feud returned to the air after a five-year absence on both CBS and as a syndicated show, Ray Combs was its host.

The series was revived again in 1992 – 1993, after one year off the air, as an hour-long network show called The New Family Feud.

Another syndicated Family Feud series surfaced in 1994 with Richard Dawson returning as host, much to the delight of viewers.

Special Family Feud shows featured teams of famous sports stars, show business celebrities, and the casts of TV series competing against each other.