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Family Holvak, The

1 9 7 5 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

Reverend Tom Holvak (Glenn Ford) and his family – wife Elizabeth (Julie Harris), teenage son Ramey (Lance Kerwin) and young daughter Julie Mae (Elizabeth Cheshire) – battled to survive the Depression in the Deep South, sometimes with their love for each other as their only defence.

Being the religious head of their town (Bensfield, Tennessee) wasn’t enough to keep food on the table, so Tom farmed a small piece of land owned by the church to get by.

Other regular characters included deputy Jim Shanks (William McKinney), Chester Purdle (Ted Gehring) the general store owner, his assistant Ida (Cynthia Howard), Ramey’s teacher Ellen Baldwin (Cristina Raines), and Mr Skinner (Henry Beckman), the owner of the Skinner Lumber Company.

This delightful family show from NBC was gentle, quiet and highly moral. It was also well written and very well produced.

Unfortunately, the show was not a ratings success and only six of the 13 produced episodes were aired.

Rev. Tom Holvak
Glenn Ford
Elizabeth Holvak
Julie Harris
Ramey Holvak
Lance Kerwin
Julie Mae Holvak
Elizabeth Cheshire
Chester Purdle
Ted Gehring
Cynthia Howard
Deputy Jim Shanks
William McKinney
Ellen Baldwin
Cristina Raines
Mr Skinner
Henry Beckman