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Fantastic Journey, The

1 9 7 7  (USA)
10 x 60 minute episodes

“Lost in the Devil’s Triangle, trapped in a dimension with beings from the future and from other worlds, a party of adventurers journeys through zones of time
back to their own time. Varian, a man from the 23rd century, possessing awesome powers; from 1977, Fred, a young doctor just out of medical school;
Scott Jordan, the 13-year-old son of a famous scientist; Liana, daughter of an Atlantian father and an extraterrestrial mother; and Jonathan Willaway, a rebel scientist from the 1960s. Together they face the frightening unknown on The Fantastic Journey.”

A scientific expedition aboard the ship Yonda in the Atlantic Ocean is engulfed by a billowing green cloud and becomes lost in the Bermuda Triangle, washing up on an uncharted island known as Evoland.


The passengers of the Yonda meet up with Varian, a man from the 23rd century, who tells them they have passed through a time warp and are in a seemingly endless land where the past, present and future co-exist.

They encounter travellers from other times, planets and dimensions who have also become trapped, and together they “slide” through portals from one dimension to the next hoping to find the one that leads home

Dr Fred Walter (Carl Franklin) is from the present day, as is young Scott Jordan (Ike Eisenmann), while Jonathan Willaway (Roddy McDowall) is from the 1960s and Liana (Katie Saylor) is an alien who can communicate with her cat, Sil-El.


Although it lasted only ten episodes, The Fantastic Journey underwent many cast and character upheavals during its short lifespan.


Jared Martin
Dr Fred Walter
Carl Franklin
Scott Jordan
Ike Eisenmann
Katie Saylor
Jonathan Willaway
Roddy McDowall