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Fenn Street Gang, The

1 9 7 1 – 1 9 7 3 (UK)
47 x 30 minute episodes
2 x short specials

This LWT spin-off series from Please, Sir! (1968 – 1972) followed the lives and loves of the ex-students of class 5C from Fenn Street Secondary Modern School.

Having so resolutely avoided any school work, the rowdy youths were now cast into the harsh world, forced to make ends meet.

So here they were all again, engaging in dole-signing, brushes with the law, birds, booze, strippers, shoplifting and, yes, some honest toil too.


Sharon (now played by the delicious Carol Hawkins who had appeared in the role in the Please, Sir! movie) and Duffy continued the very bumpy relationship they had started in the third year at school, becoming engaged at the end of the second series, and marrying in the third.

Frankie Abbott – now calling himself ‘Hank’ Abbott – continued to live out his comic book fantasies, fashioning himself as a clumsy, over-disguised amateur detective and having a relationship with Maureen, who trained as a nurse.

Craven became a wide boy, working for a cockney crook called Bowler, who had fingers in all manner of nefarious pies, and was definitely lord of the local manor.


Without the constant presence of teachers (although John Alderton did make occasional guest appearances as their former teacher, Bernard Hedges) The Fenn Street Gang didn’t amount to much. There were some good lines and ideas but the total was often crass, and the exaggerated, poorly acted cockney swagger of the ‘kids’ swiftly palled.

George Baker was cast as Craven’s boss and the role was so successful that it led to a spin-off series, Bowler. There were plans too for a spin-off for detective Frankie ‘Hank’ Abbott and his mum, but this failed to materialise.

fennstreet26Eric Duffy
Peter Cleall
Frankie Abbott

David Barry
Sharon Eversleigh

Carol Hawkins
Maureen Bullock

Liz Gebhardt
Pete Craven

Leon Vitali (1)
Malcolm McFee (2)
Dennis Dunstable
Peter Denyer
Frankie’s Mum

Barbara Mitchell
Archie Drew

Neil Wilson

Sue Bond
Mr Bowler

George Baker
Bernard Hedges

John Alderton
Penny Hedges

Jill Kerman

Christopher Biggins
Mr Price

Richard Davies