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1 9 7 4 (USA)
1 x 90 minute episode
13 x 30 minute episodes

This (imaginatively titled!) action/adventure series centred on the exploits of a fire crew and was inspired by a crudely written but true-to-life best-selling book, Report from Engine Co. 28, written by a veteran firefighter.

The ABC show first aired on 17 January 1974 and lasted only until 1 August the same year.

James Drury was Captain Spike Ryerson (pictured at left), an older firefighter who was a mentor and father figure to the other younger members of Engine Company 23 of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, including Hank Myers (Richard Jaeckel), Sonny Caputo (Michael Delano) and Billy Dalzell (Brad David).

They encountered various disasters and performed various rescues each week; one of the more interesting of these was a man in traction whose house was about to slide off a hill.

The firemen couldn’t get into his room to manoeuvre him out without setting off the tilting house. How did they get him out? Sorry, series cancelled.

Captain Spike Ryerson
James Drury
Hank Myers
Richard Jaeckel
Sonny Caputo
Michael Delano
Billy Dalzell
Brad David
Cal Dakin
Bill Overton