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Fitzpatricks, The

1 9 7 7 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episode

Mike and Maggie Fitzpatrick lived in Flint, Michigan, with their four children and a nondescript dog called Detroit.

Mike (Bert Kramer) worked overtime in a steel mill while Maggie (Mariclare Costello) worked part-time in a diner, but it was a struggle for them to make ends meet.

Sean (Clark Brandon), 16, played football and squabbled with his brothers and sister. Jack (Jimmy McNichol), 15, tinkered with motors and squabbled with his brothers and sister.

Maureen (Michele Tobin), 14, worried about becoming a woman and squabbled with her brothers. Max (Sean Marshall), 10, rode his newspaper route and squabbled with his brothers and his sister.

When the chips were down, though, the squabbling stopped and the family pulled together in good Irish Catholic fashion.

Helen Hunt appeared as Kerry, the cute neighbour girl who was interested in the two older Fitzpatrick boys.

In the fictional world of the Fitzpatricks, trying your hardest was more important than winning. In the real world of network TV where nothing is more important than winning, the family were matched against a couple of ratings champs – Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley.

The series debuted on CBS on 5 September 1977.

Mike Fitzpatrick
Bert Kramer
Maggie Fitzpatrick
Mariclare Costello
Sean Fitzpatrick
Clark Brandon
Jack Fitzpatrick
Jimmy McNichol
Maureen Fitzpatrick
Michele Tobin
Max Fitzpatrick
Sean Marshall
Kerry Gerardi
Helen Hunt