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1 9 7 9 (Canada)
13 x 30 minute episodes

This home-grown sitcom from CBC-TV was set in a Montreal nightclub called Le Club in 1927 – when Prohibition in the United States prompted many Americans to cross the Canadian border in pursuit of liquor.

The club – which May Lamb (Susan Roman) recently inherited from her father – was peopled with some seedy characters, some naively innocent ones, and plenty of leggy showgirls of both sorts.

Edward Atienza costarred as her Uncle Rummy, the club maitre d’ with delusions of grandeur and an ill-fitting toupee. The club’s kitchen was run by chef Oscar Bordeleau (Victor Désy), who used Le Club as a safe front for his bootlegging business. Working with Oscar in his bootlegging sideline was his nephew (Robert Lalonde), who was employed as a waiter at the club.

Other staff members of Le Club included the vegetable cook Francine (Denise Proulx) who mothered everyone; Yvonne Marie (Andrée Cousineau) the beautiful cigarette girl with aspirations to marry a millionaire; Andy (Michael Donaghue) the cabaret orchestra leader, and Bunny (Gail Dahms), the club’s singer.

Producer Jack Humphrey created the show specifically as a vehicle for Susan Roman, and as a way to use certain individuals with whom he had previously enjoyed working.

Original music for the show was composed by Cliff Jones of Toronto.

May Lamb
Susan Roman
Uncle Rummy
Edward Atienza
Denise Proulx
Yvonne Marie
Andrée Cousineau
Gail Dahms
Chef Oscar Bordeleau
Victor Désy
Michael Donaghue