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Flash Nick From Jindavick

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4 X episodes

Grahame Bond (Aunty Jack) starred as Flash Nick – the alias of bushranger Jack Bradshaw – in the four episodes of this ABC (Australia) series which featured Rory O’Donoghue as Nick’s partner in crime, Lovely Riley, and Garry McDonald as Captain Magpie.

In the first episode, “The Great Mudgee Mail Robbery”, Flash Nick (disguised as a roller-skating emu) and Lovely Riley (disguised as a kangaroo) try to rob the Mudgee Mail train after an abortive attempt on a stagecoach.

In “The Black Opal Flash” Nick and Lovely go to great lengths to rob Dubbo of the world’s biggest black opal. Unfortunately, they are up against massive security and every other bushranger in Australia.

So, disguised as harem ladies, they join the Country Women’s Association Kung Fu Convention being held in Dubbo. Sergeant Carson demonstrates to the Mayor of Dubbo that he has taken the precaution of making the windows, the doors and the showcase bushranger proof. But he has neglected to see if the building itself was solid!

Episode three, “Consider The Lilies Of The Field”, sees Flash and Lovely rush to the aid of Riley’s mum when nuns take over her water hole, claiming it to be sacred and capable of healing.

The final episode (“The Man In The Iron Mask”) introduces infamous bushranger Ned Kelly, who has been locked in an iron mask by his uncle, Inspector Hare, because of Ned’s opposition to his uncle’s “more than paternal” interest in his sister Kate.

Ned enlists the help of Flash Nick and Lovely Riley to steal the key from his uncle’s safe, giving him his freedom and saving the honour of Kate Kelly.

Flash Nick/Jack Bradshaw 
Grahame Bond
Lovely Riley 

Rory O’Donoghue
Captain Magpie 

Garry McDonald
Sgt. Carson 

Roger Ward (1)
John Gaden (2)
Inspector Hare 

Max Gillies
Ned Kelly 

John Clayton
Kate Kelly 

Jenne Welch

Lex Marinos
Bill the engine driver 

Al Kenney
Gerry the fireman 

Max Gillies
Mayor of Dubbo 

Max Gillies
Coach Driver 

Graham Ware
Coach Driver’s Mate 

Tom Gooding


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