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Fly Into Danger

1 9 7 2 (UK)
7 x 25 minute episodes

At Chilford Green Aerodrome, a small, privately owned airfield in the heart of England, the transportation of cargo takes place daily. But this is no ordinary cargo – as 18-year-old Chris Lomax (Louis Cabot) is to discover.

A keen motor mechanic whose enthusiasm for aircraft has prompted him to get a job at Chilford, Chris’s self-reliance and questioning mind are soon causing consternation for his employers.


As he gets alarmingly close to the true nature of the airfield’s smuggling operations, it becomes clear that Chris – and his pretty young colleague, Sarah (Sue Holderness) – could be in serious danger.

Fly Into Danger was a seven-part action series aimed at a younger audience, however, its spectacular and rapidly paced airborne sequences ensured that the series appealed to viewers of all ages.

Written by Roy Russell (The Saint, The Queen Street Gang) and boasting a strong cast, Fly Into Danger was originally made in colour, but only two episodes still exist in that format. Black and white telerecordings exist of the other five episodes.

The aerodrome scenes were filmed at Halfpenny Green airfield at Stourbridge in Staffordshire.

Chris Lomax
Louis Cabot
Sarah Davenport
Sue Holderness
Leigh Anthony
Gordon Ritchie
Bernard Kay
Chambra Lal
Marc Maharaj
Bill Hurst
Robert Keegan
Moji Patel
Sam Dastor
Bandara Lal
Mohan Singh
Jeff Strong
Edward Peel
Andre Grelle
Peter Miles
Don McKillop


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