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Forever Fernwood

1 9 7 7 – 1 9 7 8 (USA)
129 x 30 minute episodes

After Louise Lasser left Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman in late 1977 most of the original cast remained and the show was renamed Forever Fernwood.

The focus shifted to Mary’s heart-broken ex-husband Tom (Greg Mullavey) – who had taken up residence in his car to avoid the ghosts of his missing wife in his home – and the rest of the oddball residents of Fernwood, Ohio.

The writing was just as daring and the comic situations were just as campy and absurd.

Tom’s father-in-law George Shumway (Philip Bruns) fell asleep on the conveyor belt at the plant, got dumped into a vat of rustoleum, had plastic surgery on his entire body and was unveiled as a new man (Tab Hunter).

Tom’s daughter, Heather (Claudia Lamb) had seen a divine vision in the town, singing star Loretta Haggers (Mary Kay Place) was on the road and had succumbed to handsome temptation, Harmon Farinella (Richard Hatch), and Tom began dating maimed tennis star Eleanor Major (Shelley Fabares) but in the very last episode of the series, he married Eleanor’s stuttering and emotionally wrecked sister, Penny Major (Judith Kahan).

Tom Hartman
Greg Mullavey
Loretta Haggers
Mary Kay Place
Charlie Haggers
Graham Jarvis
Martha Shumway
Dody Goodman
Cathy Shumway
Debralee Scott
Merle Jeeter
Dabney Coleman
Wanda Jeeter
Marian Mercer
Raymond Larkin
Victor Kilian
Heather Hartman
Claudia Lamb
Mac Slattery
Dennis Burkley
Mel Beach
Shelley Berman
George Shumway (pre-plastic surgery)
Philip Bruns
George Shumway (post-plastic surgery)
Tab Hunter
Mickey Mo Jeeter
Tony Palmer
Reverend Brim
Orson Bean
Jeffrey DiVito
Randall Carver
Sal DiVito
Joe Penny
Dr Popesco
Severn Darden
Eleanor Major
Shelley Fabares
Penny Major
Judith Kahan
Nat Dearden
Lou Frizzell
Harmon Farinella
Richard Hatch
Bob Truss
Ben Piazza
Ronnie Schell
Annabelle Kearns
Renée Taylor
Jerry Hubbard
Fred Willard