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1 9 7 2 – 1 9 7 4 (Canada/Switzerland/West Germany)
16 x 30 minute episodes

When sis Regina (Linda Caroll) leaves to get married for the fourth time, she leaves behind her enormous 250 lb. St. Bernard with her carefree pilot brother, Jim Hunter (Marshall Thompson) who runs charter flights in the Swiss mountains with his partner Walter Clark (Jack Mullaney).

Jim also cares for a young orphaned German boy called Freddie (Volker Stewart).

Although the series was set in Switzerland it was mainly a Canadian production, co-produced by Switzerland and Germany.

Despite its short run and mixed critical reaction, the series was rerun on CTV affiliates for years afterwards, usually to fill Saturday morning schedules.

Based on the 1971 film George!

Jim Hunter
Marshall Thompson
Volker Stewart
Walter Clark
Jack Mullaney
Aunt Helga
Trudy Young
Frau Gerber
Erna Sellmer
Linda Caroll
Harry Tucker
Alan Hale Jr
Mr Holzbauer
Erik Jelde