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Georgian House, The

1 9 7 6 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

Dan (Spencer Banks) and Abbie (Adrienne Byrne), two students from very different backgrounds, have obtained placements in a beautiful Georgian house in Bristol. The house, owned 200 years ago by the rich Leadbetter family, has been restored to its former glory and is to be opened to the public.

Dan and Abbie hope to carry out additional research for their studies while acting as tour guides to the public.

While unpacking valuable ornaments for display, the pair are attracted to an African wood carving which emits a mysterious noise. They find themselves transported in time to become involved in the affairs of the Leadbetter family – Abbie is transformed into a member of the family while Dan finds himself dressed in the clothes of a kitchen boy.

It transpires that they have been summoned to save a black servant about to be returned to the plantations. Assisting Ngo (Brinsley Forde) won’t be easy, especially as Abbie seems to have forgotten her 20th-century origins.

Spencer Banks
Adrienne Byrne
Brinsley Forde
Jack Watson
Mistress Anne
Constance Chapman
Janine Duvitski
Peter Schofield
Monica Lavers
Sir Jeremy
Michael Gover
Lady Cecilia
Valerie Lush
Miss Humphreys
Anna Quayle


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