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Get Some In!

1 9 7 5 – 1 9 7 8 (UK)
34 x 25 minute episodes

This Thames TV show, written by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey, was basically The Army Game in blue serge.


The series revolved around four lads from contrasting backgrounds, each of whom had received their call-up papers to serve their National Service in the Royal Air Force during the 1950s.

Their new master, Corporal Marsh, introduced himself to them thusly; “My name’s Marsh. That’s B-A-S-T-A-R-D . . . Marsh”

Set in “C Flight” at RAF Skelton in 1955, the four recruits loathed and despised by Corporal Marsh were referred to as “erks” and given an ongoing hard time. Marsh also treated the new conscripts as his personal slaves – He would recline on one of their (freshly made) camp beds and demand “fag for the Corporal” . . . “light for the Corporal” etc.

Tony Selby, as Corporal Marsh (pictured at left), had previously appeared in a similar role in an episode of Esmonde and Larbey’s The Fenn Street Gang.


Jakey Smith (or “Free F Smiff” as Marsh called him) was a reformed Teddy Boy, played originally by Robert Lindsay who went on to become famous as a more famous ‘Smiff’ in Citizen Smith.

The nickname was a result of a verbal skirmish on Smith’s first day when Marsh asked his name. “Smiff” replied Jakey (pictured below) in his uneducated cockney drawl. “Is that one ‘F’ or Two?” joked Marsh, trying to humiliate the teddy boy. “free!” came the reply.

Leckie was a Scot without much brain power, Ken a former grammar school pupil, and Matthew Lilley was a vicar’s son, and something of a lily-livered character (ho ho).

The third series saw the cast move to RAF Midham, and the final one (with Karl Howman now playing Jakey Smith, replacing Lindsay who had demobbed to star in Citizen Smith) was set in the hospital at RAF Druidswater.

During its run, Get Some In! featured single guest appearances by Alfred Marks, Roy Kinnear, Paul Eddington and Cheryl Hall (Robert Lindsay’s real-life wife).

The title derived from the jeer that always greeted newcomers into the services, “Get some in”, meaning “Get some time in” or “Get some experience under your belt”.


Corporal Percy Marsh 
Tony Selby
Jakey Smith 

Robert Lindsay (1)
Karl Howman (2)
Ken Richardson 

David Janson
Bruce Leckie 

Brian Pettifer
Matthew Lilley 

Gerard Ryder
Alice Marsh 

Lori Wells

Madge Hindle
Squadron Leader Powell 

Tim Barrett
Flight Sergeant Wells 

George Innes
Corporal Wendy Williams 

Jenny Cryst
Group Captain Ruark 

Nigel Pegram