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Girl With Something Extra, The

1 9 7 3 – 1 9 7 4 (USA)
22 x 30 minute episodes

John Davidson and Sally Field starred in The Girl with Something Extra, which ran on NBC from September 1973 to the following May.

In a similar mode to Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, handsome young attorney John Burton (Davidson) struggled to live a normal life despite the zany mind-reading antics of his pretty and effervescent wife Sally (Sally Field) who was blessed with ESP.

Sally and John lived at 10 Havilland Drive. Sally partnered with Anne (Zohra Lampert) in a variety shop called The Store and John was a lawyer with the firm of Metcalf, Klein and Associates in Los Angeles.

His bosses were Owen Metcalf (Henry Jones) and Stuart Klein (William Windom from My World and Welcome to It) and his secretary was Angela (Stephanie Edwards).

Jack Feldon co-starred as John’s gambling brother, Jerry, who played pool at a hall called Family Billiards and was the only person John told about Sally’s abilities.

Jerry wanted Sally to use her powers to win big on a TV game show, at the horse track, and in a chess match with Bobby Fischer.

When the show ended, Sally Field decided to leave television and concentrate on movies.

John Burton
John Davidson
Sally Burton

Sally Field
Jerry Burton
Jack Sheldon
Zohra Lampert
Stephanie Edwards
Owen Metcalf
Henry Jones
Stuart Klein
William Windom
Teri Garr