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Glenview High

1 9 7 7 – 1 9 7 8 (Australia)
39 x 60 minute episodes

Glenview High was an Australian drama series (produced by Reg Grundy Productions for ATN7) telling the tale of Greg Walker, a young English teacher in a tough Sydney High school.

The series consisted of self-contained episodes with two or three story strands internal to each episode.

glenviewhighElaine Lee was headmistress Margaret Gibson, Bill Kerr was Science teacher Harry Carter and Ken James played Greg’s brother, Tom.

The glamour was added by Camilla Rountree and Rebecca Gilling as dizzy blonde, Jill Beamish and air hostess Robbie Dean, respectively. The school connection was primarily provided by Brendan Burke as a streetwise Greek-Australian boy, Tony Moore.

The series aired in Channel Seven’s Tuesday line-up at 7:30 pm (the timeslot later to be filled by A Country Practice).

Glenview High frequently looked at the problems faced by city kids preparing for a world of uncertainty, with less opportunity and employment. It also dealt with the frustrations of the education system from the point of view of both teachers and students.

The series preached the benefits of completing a secondary education and drummed home the pitfalls of leaving school early. Finishing school and going on to university was often the resolution to the conflicts of an episode.

Poor ratings ultimately brought about the demise of the show after only 39 episodes. Glenview High was soap at school which turned out to have all the fun and excitement of a double maths lesson . . .

Greg Walker 
Grigor Taylor
Tom Walker 

Ken James
Robbie Dean 
Rebecca Gilling
Jill Beamish 

Camilla Rountree
Margaret Gibson 

Elaine Lee
Tony Moore 

Brandon Burke
Harry Carter 

Bill Kerr
John O’Brien 

Don Reid
Faith Storey 

Sally Conabere

Tim Burns

Eva Dickinson

Georgina McLaughlin

Michael Smith

Olga Tamara
Frank Faulkiner 

Ron Graham

Sandra Lee Patterson

Mervyn Drake

Paul Chubb



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