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Golden Soak

1 9 7 9 (Australia/UK/Germany)
6 x 53 minute episodes

This miniseries adaptation of a Hammond Innes novel was a combined effort between Australian, German and British production companies.

The story revolved around mining man Alec Hamilton (Ray Barrett) who had fled England – under dubious circumstances – for Australia. He gets involved in the mystery of the Golden Soak, an abandoned gold mine, and the owner’s daughter Janet (Elizabeth Alexander).

The cast also included Ruth Cracknell and visiting actors Christiane Krüger (Hardy’s daughter), Heinz Schimmelpfenning and Günther Ungeheuer.

Alec Hamilton
Ray Barrett
Rosa Hamilton
Christiane Krüger
Janet Garrety
Elizabeth Alexander
Ed Garrety
Heinz Schimmelpfennig
Johnny Culpin
David Cameron
Chris Culpin
Bill Hunter
Günther Ungeheuer
Ruth Cracknell