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Grandma Bricks Of Swallow Street

These brief stop-motion films were used to illustrate the short stories read by Geoffrey Hayes on the Thames TV series Rainbow.

The Swallow Street residents were a mixed bag of folk, old and young, and of different ethnic backgrounds.

Grandma Bricks was joined by Willie and Susan, and Joey, and a dog called Fusby, with a supporting cast including Abel Jones the garage man, Mr Bep, Mr Grindle, little Clare Nap and Barney.


Grandma’s Lost Glasses | Painting the Grocer’s Shop | Grandma and the Cakes for Tea | The Shops of Swallow Street | Sunday in the Park | Grandma, Mechanics and the Box | Susan’s New Dress | Grandma’s Broken Shopping Bag | All Fall Down, Children | The Large Box | Grandma and the Hats | Careless Children | Swallow Street Hopping Race | The Children’s Tortoise | Barney Buys the Bread | Children’s Bouncing Ball | Grandma Hangs a Picture | Everybody’s Bumping | Swallow Street Stops for Tea | Swallow Street Under Snow | The Family Picnic | Clair Naps Birthday Party | The Street Party | Cleaning Up Grandma’s Shop | Willie’s Ill | Fusby’s New Bone | Fusby’s Noise | The Children Help Grandma | The Book Race | Grandma Forgets the Bread | Willie and the Biscuit Tin | Grandma and the Spanner | The Children Tidy the Living Room | Baker and the Rolling-Pin | Grandma and the Clothes Line | Three Wheels on my Pram | Grandma and the Hedgehog | Fusby Goes to the Park | Closing Mr Crispin’s Shop | Susan’s Fifth Birthday | Baker and the Missing Buns | Mr Brindle and the Sack | Barney Drops the Oranges | Grandma and the Table