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Great Temptation

1 9 6 9 – 1 9 7 4  (Australia)

A Grundy Organisation production for Channel Seven Australia. Initially titled New World Temptation, for the show’s sponsor, the title was later shortened to simply Temptation and was aired during the day.

When Pick-A-Box ended in 1971, an hour-long nighttime version of the show was launched, this is when the “Great” was added.

The night-time show initially aired once a week, then twice, then five times. All the while, the day-time show was still running.

Contestants would compete in a beat-the-buzzer trivia competition, with scores equalling dollars which they could then use to buy gifts.

Australian game show king Tony Barber was the host with the glamorous and sexy Barbie Rogers (pictured at right) as his hostess.

Max Rowley was the announcer.

The show folded when it could not compete with Number 96.