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Group, The

1 9 7 1 (Australia)
13 x 30 minute episodes

This black & white comedy series from Channel 7 in Australia was produced by Don Cash and Bill Harmon and presented the problems and adventures of five twenty-somethings – three boys and two girls – who, for reasons of economy, shared a two-bedroom flat in a terraced house.

The five were flamboyant Jeremy Windham (Gregory de Polnay) who worked “in television” and had a big ego to go with it; medical student Mark Sebel (former Skippy and Barrier Reef star Ken James); down-to-earth accountant Bob Jones (Gregory Ross) who looked after the household’s financial affairs; university student Jennifer Martin (Jenee Welsh) who was prone to astrological star-gazing and flights of fancy; and receptionist and aspiring model Laura Bent (Roslyn Wilson), a naive and likeable airhead who was unafraid of anything and incredibly sexy but too dumb to realise it.

All the episode titles referred to Laura (starting “This Week She . . .”) and most of the storylines revolved around her or her reaction to events around her.

While the five tenants were perfectly happy with this (purely platonic) relationship, their conservative landlord, Tinto (Terry O’Neill) was outraged and constantly looking for an excuse to evict them all.

Guests included Rory O’Donoghue, Noeline Brown,  Gordon McDougall, Kirrily Nolan, Bettina Welch and Jane Coghlan.

The Group was well-received by the viewing public and achieved decent ratings, winning a TV Week Logie Award in 1971 for Best Comedy.

Mark Sebel
Ken James
Bob Jones
Gregory Ross
Jeremy Windham
Gregory de Polnay
Jennifer Martin
Jenee Welsh
Laura Bent
Roslyn Wilson
Terry O’Neill


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