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Hanged Man, The

1 9 7 5 (UK)
8 x 60 minute episodes

The boss of an international construction company, Lew Burnett (Colin Blakely), becomes the target of an unknown assassin. To find out who and why, Burnett plays dead after three attempts to kill him and goes undercover into his past to discover which of his rivals or loved ones hated him enough to have him murdered.

Michael Williams co-starred as Alan Crowe with Gary Watson as hired assassin John Quentin.

This powerful eight-part thriller series also featured guest appearances from Jane Seymour, Gareth Hunt, James Grout and Frederick Jaeger.

The Hanged Man was a tense, well-made thriller from Yorkshire Television which succeeded despite its unglamorous brickie-business background.

A spin-off series, Turtle’s Progress (1979 – 1980) on ITV followed the fortunes of two villains and their haul of safety deposit boxes.

Lewis Burnett
Colin Blakely
John Quentin
Gary Watson
Alan Crowe
Michael Williams
John F Landry