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Harriet’s Back in Town

1 9 7 2 – 1 9 7 3 (UK)
104 x 30 minute episodes

This daytime drama series from Thames Television followed newly divorced Harriet Preston (Pauline Yates) and her plans for her new life after watching her husband Tom (William Russell) leave the divorce court with the glamorous young model who shattered their marriage.

Harriet’s Back in Town debuted on 17 October 1972.

Harriet Preston
Pauline Yates
Tom Preston
William Russell
Jane Preston
Miranda Bell
Frank Chapman
Edwin Richfield
Helen Chapman
Sally Bazely
Dorothy Brown
Doran Godwin
Patrick Baker
Stephen Yardley
Nicholas Tate
Philip Brack
Laura Denison
Toby Robins
Margaret Foster
Carole Mowlam