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Harris & Company

1 9 7 9 (USA)
4 x 60 minute episodes

Following the death of his wife, black assembly-line worker Mike Harris (former pro footballer Bernie Casey) and his five children decided to move from Detroit to Los Angeles and build a new life. As with every decision in the Harris household, all family members were consulted and it was put to a vote (hence the “company” in the series title).

In LA, Mike went into partnership with Harry Foreman (James Luisi) running a garage.

Stories revolved around problems with work and the comic difficulties of a single parent raising a family. The Harris children ranged in age from college-student Liz (Renee Brown) to 6-year-old Richard (Dain Turner).

Charlie (Stu Gilliam) and Angie Adams (C. Tillery Banks) were cousins who helped Mike with the kids.

Harris & Company was an unusual attempt to build a dramatic series around a loving, caring black family. ABC premiered it in March 1979 and it drew a small following but didn’t last a month on the network’s schedule.

Mike Harris
Bernie Casey
David Harris

David Raynr
Tommy Harris

Eddie Singleton
Juanita Priscilla Harris

Lia Jackson
Liz Harris

Renee Brown
Richard Allen Harris

Dain Turner
Harry Foreman

James Luisi
Louise Foreman

Lois Walden
Charlie Adams

Stu Gilliam
Angie Adams

C. Tillery Banks