Home Television Drama Hawkmoor


1 9 7 8 (UK)
5 x 50 minute episodes

BBC Wales produced the acclaimed Hawkmoor, an original story by Lynn Hughes based on accounts of 16th-century Welsh folk hero Twm Siôn Cati.

The series depicted Twm (John Ogwen) as a Welsh Robin Hood character, leading a charmed and many-sided life – highwayman, poet, outlaw, nobleman and general scallywag – and escaping death many times while protecting the Welsh people during the reign of Queen Mary I of England.

Cardiganshire in 1558 was the most flawless corner of Bloody Mary’s kingdom and Twm’s confrontations with his enemies – the English-born Sheriff John Stedman (Jack May) and the cruel (Catholic) Vicar Davyd (Philip Madoc) – were as notorious as his wooing of lovely Lady Johane Williams (Jane Asher), wife of another enemy.

Also co-starring were Godfrey James as Twm’s right-hand man Shanco, Tom Owen as the sheriff’s son John, Meredith Edwards as Sir Tom Williams and Rachel Thomas as Agnes.

Thomas Jones (Twm Siôn Cati)
John Ogwen
Lady Johane Williams
Jane Asher
Sir Tom Williams
Meredith Edwards
Vicar Davyd
Philip Madoc
Sheriff John Stedman
Jack May
Young John Stedman
Tom Owen
Gareth Armstrong
Huw Ceredig
Red Owain
Terence Davies
Godfrey James
Stewart Jones
Wil Ap Cradic
Gareth Lewis
Ieuan Rogers
Dewi Morris
Dyfed Thomas
Rachel Thomas
Charles Williams
Lewys Ddu
Ronnie Williams