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Hilarious House Of Frightenstein, The

1 9 7 4 – 1 9 7 5 (Canada)
130 x 30 minute episodes

Another lovely day begins, for ghosts and ghouls with greenish skin,
So close your eyes and you will find that you’ve arrived in Frightenstein

Perhaps the Count will find a way to make his monster work today
For if he solves this Monster-mania he can return to Transylvania!

This comedy horror series featured the adventures of a vampire exiled from Transylvania.

The castle of Frightenstein is the setting. Here comedy sketches, songs, blackouts and music were presented that revolved around Count Frightensetin, his servant
Igor, and their attempts to bring to life Bruce, an ‘out of order’ Frankenstein-style monster.

The series was shown five days a week and was based on a special hosted by Vincent Price.

Count Frightenstein
Billy Van

Fishka Rais
The Librarian

Billy Van
Grizelda, The Witch

Billy Van
The Wolfman

Billy Van
The Maharishi

Billy Van
The Professor

Julius Sumner Miller

Vincent Price