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1 9 7 9 (USA)
7 x 30 minute episodes

This NBC comedy starred David Huddleston as Michael Cooper, the much-adored, rather conservative yet open-minded mayor of a small, unnamed Midwestern town.

He was an honest, jovial, decent man, dedicated to carrying out the promises he made in his campaign speeches: make his city a better place to live and assist people in need.

“Hizzonner” adored the townspeople but wasn’t above doing a few underhanded things for political gain. He also had an explosive temper and loved to sing barbershop quartet harmony as a release when stressed.

He was a widower and had his hands full raising two kids: a feminist, very liberal 24-year-old daughter Annie (Kathy Cronkite, daughter of the legendary news anchor) – who was also a civil rights attorney – and free-spirited 18-year-old James (Will Seltzer) who was part of a hippie commune called The Wilderness Cult.

“Uncle” Donald Timmons (Don Galloway) was his chief of staff; Ginny Linden (Diana Muldaur) was his private secretary; Melanie (Gina Hecht) was another city hall secretary with a heart of gold; and the klutzy Nails Doyle (Mickey Deems) was Hizzoner’s childhood friend, bodyguard, chauffeur and foil.

Mayor Michael Cooper
David Huddleston
Annie Cooper
Kathy Cronkite
James Cooper
Will Seltzer
“Uncle” Donald Timmons
Don Galloway
Ginny Linden
Diana Muldaur
Gina Hecht
Nails Doyle
Mickey Deems
Ginny Linden
Diana Muldaur