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Hogg’s Back

1 9 7 5 – 1 9 7 6 (UK)
19 x 30 minute episodes

Yorkshire-born comedian Derek Royle starred as Dr Hogg, an incompetent, stammering, twitching, absent-minded country quack who was brought back out of retirement – as the result of an administrative blunder – to practice in the quiet seaside village of Belling-on-Sea.

Hogg caused havoc wherever he went, tripping, stumbling and prat-falling all over the place like a walking accident blackspot (fortunately, Derek Royle had been an acrobat in his younger days and performed all his own stunts).

Dr Hogg’s original secretary, Pearl (Jacki Piper) left after episode 7 to get married and live in Hong Kong.

A new secretary, Colette (Wendy Richard), started in episode 8 but Dr Hogg was so absent-minded that he still called her Pearl. This is how she was listed in the credits for all the remaining episodes.

In the second series, Pat Coombs joined the cast as Hogg’s housekeeper, Mrs Mac.

Derek Royle died on 23 January 1990, aged 61.

Dr Hogg
Derek Royle
Jacki Piper
Colette (“Pearl”)
Wendy Richard
Mrs Mac
Pat Coombs
General Balding
Robert Dorning