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No, Honestly

1 9 7 4 – 1 9 7 5 (UK)
13 x 30 minute episodes

No, Honestly was a comedy series about a husband and wife – struggling actor Charles and successful children’s author Clara Danby.

Clara and Charles – affectionately known as CD (“clever drawers”) – appeared in front of an audience telling stories about their first meeting, courtship and marriage of ten years.


Framed by the couple’s light banter, each of the episodes flashbacked chronologically to their often comically confused courtship and marriage, beginning as they embarked on their honeymoon and tried to keep their newly married status a secret by pretending to be a boring, frustrated long-married couple.

Clara’s choice of husband caused a little unease for her aristocratic family.

The series was based on two books by husband and wife team, Terence Brady and Charlotte Bingham – One called Coronet Among the Weeds and the other Coronet Among the Grass – and starred Pauline Collins and John Alderton, who were also married to each other in real life.

The couple also appeared together in Thomas and Sarah (a spin-off to the classic period drama Upstairs, Downstairs) in 1979.


Pauline Collins (best known for her signature role as Shirley Valentine) played Clara with a mischievous twinkle that made her illogical leaps endearing – even if CD thought she dressed like “the remnant of a disbanded folk group”.

The theme song for No, Honestly was written and performed by singer and composer Lynsey De Paul who made it to #7 in the British charts with the tune. A later series starred Liza Goddard and Donal Donnelly in Yes, Honestly.

Charles (CD) Danby 
John Alderton
Clara Burrell/Danby 

Pauline Collins
Lord Burrell 

James Berwick
Lady Burrell 

Fanny Rowe
Royle (The Butler) 

Kenneth Benda

Ivan Beavis

Ruth Holden

Patrick McAlinney

Liz Smith

Peter Davidson
Mrs Compton-Dado 

Bridget Armstrong
Mr Compton-Dado 

Patrick Newell
Max Montifichet 

Timothy Carlton
Melissa Radstock 

Maggie Henderson
Mr Evercreech 

Gerald James
Aunt A 

Beryl Cooke
Mr Rawley 

Terence Soall

Vladek Sheybal

William Moore
Police Inspector 

Tony Selby


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