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Hot L Baltimore

1 9 7 5 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Even though it was on the air for less than six months, the Hot L Baltimore comedy series had a large and loyal following that was more than slightly upset when ABC decided to cancel the programme.

One of the most controversial series produced in the 1970s, Hot L Baltimore was the first TV show to bring sexual innuendo and racy dialogue into American homes – which was the major reason ABC decided to drop the series, in spite of its considerable audience.

Produced by Norman Lear (who had already pushed the envelope with his All In The Family series) the show was set in the run down and seedy – but once grand – Hotel Baltimore, whose letter “e” was missing from the word “Hotel” on the neon sign outside – hence the title of the show.

The odd assortment of characters regularly seen on the show were clerk Bill Lewis, his robust and rotund girlfriend April, Clifford the harried manager, Colombian prostitute Suzy Marta Rocket, Millie (an unemployed waitress), the ancient Mr Morse, homosexual couple George and Gordon, lesbian Jackie, Charles the shady philosopher and the eccentric Mrs Belloti.

The series was based on a successful off-Broadway play by Lanford Wilson.

Bill Lewis
James Cromwell

Conchata Ferrell

Richard Masur
Suzy Marta Rocket

Jeannie Linero

Gloria LeRoy
Mr Morse
Stan Gottlieb

Lee Bergere

Henry Calvert

Robin Wilson

Al Freeman Jr
Mrs Belloti
Charlotte Rae