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Immortal, The

1 9 7 0 (USA)
15 x 60 minute episodes

Christopher George (The Rat Patrol) starred as test driver Ben Richards in The Immortal which debuted on ABC in September 1970.

Richards was immune to all disease and the ageing process (hence the title) due to the unique characteristics of his blood.

Evil rich guy Arthur Maitland (David Brian) hired a cunning mercenary, Fletcher (Don Knight) to procure Richards for his personal use and survival so Ben was constantly on the run (a la The Fugitive).

Much of the storyline also involved Ben’s search for his long-lost brother, Jason, who could possess the same, special type of blood as his sibling.

Carol Lynley appeared as Richards’ former fiancée, Sylvia.

Unfortunately for all involved, the show was unable to live up to its title and a year later the series was stone dead.

Sadly, Christopher George died of a heart attack in November 1983.

Ben Richards 
Christopher George
Don King
Arthur Maitland 
David Brian
Sylvia Cartwright
Carol Lynley