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Island of the Great Yellow Ox

1 9 7 1 (UK)
3 x 25 minute episodes

When a terrifying storm washes Conor (Brian Sullivan), his little brother Babo (Jimmy O’Toole) and their two American friends, Mary (Sandra Ross) and George (Simon Tully) up on to Ox Island off the coast of Ireland, they become prisoners of the eccentric Lady Agnes (Blanaid Irvine) and the Captain (Harry Towb).

This pair of scallywags are determined to uncover the Druid treasure they know is hidden somewhere on the island and these unwelcome children will not be allowed to get in the way.

This was another of the three-part serials attempted by the BBC’s embryonic Drama Unit and is remarkable for being a co-production with the Irish broadcaster RTE. The cast was largely comprised of Irish actors.

A storyteller (Oliver Maguire) was used to cram the story into the compressed timescale while saving money on scenes which would have been more difficult to realise.

The Storyteller
Oliver Maguire
Brian Sullivan
Jimmy O’Toole
Sandra Ross
Simon Tully
Lady Agnes
Blanaid Irvine
Harry Towb
Maire O’Hanlon