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Issi Noho

1 9 7 4 – 1 9 7 5 (UK)
20 x 10 minute episodes

Written by Keith Chatfield (who also wrote Hattytown Tales), illustrated by Edward C. Standon and produced by Thames Television, Issi Noho was a series of stories about the titular panda.

While being transported from China to a zoo, the crate carrying the panda fell off the back of a truck and was discovered by some children in Coppins Wood.

Marked on the side of the crate was the legend “THIS SIDE UP. USE NO HOOKS”, but some of the writing was obscured, leaving only “IS SI NO HO” visible – hence the name the kids gave the little fellow.

Andrew and Sally took Issi to stay with the Martin family where they discovered he had magic powers which he would invoke by reading number puzzles from cards which he kept in a pouch around his neck – although his magic usually went awry.


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