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It’s Awfully Bad for Your Eyes, Darling

1 9 7 1 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

Samantha, Virginia, Clover and Gillian (known as ‘Pudding’ because of her love of food) were four posh girls sharing a flat in London in a kind of upmarket version of The Liver Birds.

Each week, the girls encountered problems such as lack of money for rent, boyfriends, nosey parents, and internal conflict. Jeremy Lloyd – then married to star Joanna Lumley – appeared in several episodes as the toffee-nosed swinger Bobby Dutton.

Anna Palk played the role of Virginia Watter in the pilot episode but was then replaced by Jennifer Croxton.

It’s Awfully Bad for Your Eyes, Darling was yet another series which began life as a one-off episode of Comedy Playhouse.

Samantha Ryder-Ross
Joanna Lumley
Gillian ‘Pudding’ Page-Wood 
Jane Carr
Clover Mason
Elizabeth Knight
Virginia Watter
Anna Palk (1)
Jennifer Croxton (2)
Bobby Dutton
Jeremy Lloyd