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James at 15/James at 16

1 9 7 7 – 1 9 7 8 (USA)

One of television’s more serious attempts to explore the problems of adolescents, James at 15 starred Lance Kerwin as James Hunter, an intelligent, sensitive boy growing up in the 1970s.

When James’s college professor father, Paul Hunter (Linden Chiles), moved from Oregon to Boston after accepting another teaching job, James’s life was thrown into turmoil as he was forced to accept new friends and a new environment.

James’s sympathetic mother, Joan (Lynn Carlin), did what she could to make the move less problematic for James, but in spite of his family’s support, James ran away from home. After returning home he slowly began to adjust to life in his new home.

Other characters regularly seen in the series were James’s sisters, Sandy (Kim Richards) and Kathy (Deidre Berthrong), his new African-American friend Sly Hazeltine (David Hubbard), his female friend Marlene Mahoney (Susan Myers) and his teacher Mr Shamley (Jack Knight).

The title of the show changed to James at 16 when one of the most controversial episodes was aired involving James’s loss of virginity with attractive Swedish exchange student, Christina Killberg (Kirsten Baker). Many viewers were outraged that pre-marital sex was portrayed as something acceptable, and thousands of letters of protest were sent to NBC by disgruntled viewers.

The publicity the episode generated did not stop NBC from cancelling the series at the end of its first and only season.

James Hunter
Lance Kerwin 
Joan Hunter

Lynn Carlin
Paul Hunter 

Linden Chiles
Sandy Hunter

Kim Richards
Kathy Hunter

Deidre Berthrong
Sly Hazeltine

David Hubbard
Marlene Mahoney

Susan Myers
Mr Shamley    
Jack Knight
Christina Killberg
Kirsten Baker