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1 9 7 1 (UK)
13 x 30 minute episodes

In this Sunday tea-time children’s sci-fi drama series from LWT, young Jamie Dodger (geddit?) – who lives in a remote village called Five Mile Fork – discovered a magic carpet which took him on adventures through time.

On his journeys, Jamie (Garry Miller) and his friend, Tink (Nigel Chivers) a poachers son, encountered famous figures from British history such as Guy Fawkes (in the story entitled ‘Remember, Remember’), Robert the Bruce (‘Ettercap’) and Horatio Nelson (‘England Expects’).

The enigmatic Mr Zed (Aubrey Morris) always encouraged Jamie on his travels and seemed to know a lot more about the magic carpet than he ever let on.

The one thing that he did reveal was that – try as they might – neither Jamie nor Tink could ever change history.

In ‘Summer Holiday’ Jamie travelled back in time to meet his father when he was Jamie’s age. The two boys shared an adventure together but on Jamie’s return to the present day he found his father’s grown-up attitudes remained unchanged – time had eroded his father’s capacity for imagination.

Jamie Dodger
Garry Miller
Tink Bellow
Nigel Chivers
Mr Zed
Aubrey Morris
David Dodger
Ben Aris
Molly Dodger
Jo Kendall


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