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Jana of the Jungle

1 9 7 8 (USA)

Separated from her parents as a child in the exotic Amazon jungle, Jana is raised by super powerful and magical Montaro, a member of an ancient tribe who has the ability to make a man invisible.

Wild animals befriend the beautiful Jana and teach her their special abilities. She can run like a puma, climb like a monkey and stay submerged in water like a crocodile.

Through dense jungle, over treacherous mountains and raging rapids – and armed with a necklace that doubles as a boomerang – Jana searches for her lost father,  with her close companions, Ghost (a sleek white panther) and Tico (a pesky possum) in tow.

Tico provided the comic relief with his antics. His obsession with cramming objects he found into his pouch often provided a clue that helped Jana solve a mystery.

Young, handsome game warden Dr Ben Cooper, who maintained the wildlife reserve which Jana’s father started, also helped her in her continuing search.

This Hanna-Barbera series aired in the US on Saturday mornings under the Godzilla Power Hour banner.

B.J. Ward
Dr. Ben Cooper
Michael Bell
Ted Cassidy