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Jason of Star Command

1 9 7 8 – 1 9 8 1 (USA)
16 x 15 minute episodes
12 x 30 minute episodes

This show was a spin-off from Space Academy and used some of the same effects, sets, and even Peepo, the robot.


Originally shown in 15-minute segments as part of Tarzan and the Super 7, at the time it was made, Jason of Star Command was the most expensive live-action children’s show ever produced.

Hidden away on the same base as Space Academy, Jason and his various partners (Captain Nicole Davidoff, Professor Parsafoot and Samantha) and his pocket-sized robot, W.1.K.1, work as agents for Star Command, a secret organisation whose mission is to combat evil.

Dragos, Jason’s main adversary, intends to rule the galaxy and it is up to Jason and the Star Command gang to stop him.

During the second season, the series changed from an extended, 16 part serialised adventure into shorter, four-part adventures.


Besides the changing of story lengths, there were some cast changes also, with Nicole and Commander Canarvin replaced by Samantha (Tamara Dobson) and Commander Stone (John Russell).

Craig Littler 
Capt. Nicole Davidoff 

Susan O’Hanlon 
Prof. E. J. Parsafoot

Charlie Dell 

Sid Haig 
Commander Canarvin 

James Doohan 

Tamara Dobson 
Commander Stone 

John Russell