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Jensen Code, The

1 9 7 3 (UK)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Written by Carey Harrison (son of actor Rex Harrison), The Jensen Code told the tale of 16-year-old Terry Connor (19-year-old Dai Bradley from Kes) who joins his mates – lively outspoken Jacko (Karl Howman) and quiet, mechanically-minded Ron (Paul Alexander) – at an Outward Bound activity centre in the Derbyshire Peak District.

The school which the three Birmingham boys attend is near a Ministry of Defence establishment where John Jensen (Leon Eagles), a renowned British scientist works, and close to a farm run by Granny Powell (Daphne Heard).

When Terry stumbles on several vital clues his suspicions are aroused . . .

What is the mystery of the farmhouse? Who is the sinister new instructor, Gordon (Brian Croucher)? What happened to the tough ex-Commando instructor Alex (Tony Wright) in the caves when they were potholing?

The creator of “the Jensen code” is murdered, but not before entrusting Terry with it.

Terry doesn’t know who to trust – a dilemma which is further complicated when he wakes up in the hospital with all memory of the code completely erased.

Terry Connor
Dai Bradley
Tony Wright
Brian Croucher
Mr Buckle
John Barrett
Leon Eagles
Dan Meaden
Mr Richards
Milton Johns
Granny Powell
Daphne Heard
Miss Howard
Barbara Angell
Karl Howman
Paul Alexander