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Joe’s World

1 9 7 9 – 1 9 8 0 (USA)
11 x 30 minute episodes

This short-lived NBC sitcom revolved around Joe Wabash (Ramon Bieri), the foreman of a union painting crew who lived in Detroit with his wide-eyed, ponderous wife Katie (K. Callan) and their five children.

Baseball-crazy Steve (Christopher Knight) was the oldest and he worked as a painter with his dad. Melissa Sherman played boy-crazy teenage daughter Maggie; Michael Sharrett played Jimmy; Missy Francis played Linda; and Ari Zeltzer was Rick, the youngest.

Whenever Joe wanted privacy, he’d say one word to the kids: “evaporate.” They often recited it with him.

On the painting crew were the very macho Brad Hopkins (Russ Banham) and Joe’s longtime friend, Andy Kinski (Frank Coppola).

In the episode titled ‘The Woman Painter’, Joe added a very attractive young female painter to his crew named Judy Wilson (Misty Rowe). Judy’s husband had left her for a stewardess and she instantly became a major distraction for the guys on the crew (especially Brad and Joe’s son Steve).

Initially, Joe’s wife Katie was all for the decision and Joe’s open-mindedness, until she got to see the stunning, single mother breastfeeding her baby on the job.

Joe Wabash
Ramon Bieri
Katie Wabash 
K. Callan
Steve Wabash
Christopher Knight
Maggie Wabash
Melissa Sherman
Jimmy Wabash
Michael Sharrett
Linda Wabash
Missy Francis
Rick Wabash
Ari Zeltzer
Brad Hopkins
Russ Banham
Andy Kinski
Frank Coppola
Judy Wilson
Misty Rowe