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Jokers Wild

1 9 6 9 – 1 9 7 4 (UK)

Another classic from Yorkshire Television, this hilarious and unusual game show series was guaranteed to give viewers a laugh a minute . . . literally.

The teeming working men’s clubs in the North fo England – and especially in Yorkshire – had long afforded a good living for legions of entertainers, some of whom rose to star status.

Quick-witted Leeds-born Barry Cryer would select a random topic, challenge a comic to tell a joke based on it, and strive to control six wisecracking comedians from the realms of clubland.

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If one of the opposition thought he knew the gag, he could interrupt by pressing an alarm, then he would have to complete it.

There was also a solo spot where a comic was required to extract as many laughs as possible from the audience in minute-long patter sessions.

The guest line-up included the big names of British comedy at the time such as Ted Ray, Les Dawson, Arthur Askey, Ray Martine, Alfred Marks and Clive Dunn

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Barry Cryer
Les Dawson
Ted Ray
Clive Dunn
Arthur Askey
Ray Martine
Alfred Marks