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1 9 7 0 – 1 9 7 1 (UK)
24 x 10/15 minute episodes

“Tumble in my Jumbleland
Candy-coloured wonderland”

Witch Nitty (singer Anita Harris) presented this ITV kids show set in a magic (studio-based) junkyard where there was a “magic” self-playing jumblepiano. She also had a magic car – a dune buggy called ‘Nitty Bug’ which could change colour and size.

Anita wove stories with her child co-stars singing a few songs on each show, including songbook classics like Swinging On A StarI Can Sing A RainbowFeed The Birds (from Mary Poppins), Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and Flash! Bang! Wallop! (from Half A Sixpence).

Originally known as Anita In Jumbleland, the series was produced by Thames Television. The 1970 episodes were 10-minutes long and were broadcast on Monday afternoons while the 1971 episodes were 15-minutes in duration and aired on Tuesday afternoons, debuting on 12 October.  Anita Harris also wrote for the series and acted as executive producer.

An LP entitled Anita In Jumbleland was released in 1970 by CBS containing songs from the series.

Witch Nitty
Anita Harris
Jumbleland Kids
Joanne Gorman
Andrew Ashby
Marc Neighbour
Peter Jumble
David Arnold
Harry (‘Ard ‘Earted ‘Arry) Stoneham