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Jumbo Spencer

1 9 7 6 (UK)
5 x 25 minute episodes

The summer holidays are here and, for six glorious weeks, Jumbo Spencer (Mark Weavers) is free from the confines of Shoredale Primary School.

But Jumbo is not interested in rest and relaxation – He needs a project to keep himself occupied. His inspiration comes while listening to a story on the radio about a great social reformer who put things right for millions of people.

So Jumbo decides to reform the village of Shoredale – to “sweep it clean of vice and poverty” and make things better for people while righting wrongs. And he’s going to achieve this with the help of his friends; Mike (Huw Higginson), Maggots (Natalie Boyce) and Freckles (John Weavers) – aka The Jumbo Spencer Reform Club.

The kids paint a zebra crossing for Miss Mogg (Betty Woolfe) outside her house and provide historic tours around the village for 10p a pop, but Jumbo decides what Shoredale really needs a village hall. Local philanthropist Mr Bennett (Geoffrey Russell) tells Jumbo that if he can raise £100 towards it, he will contribute the rest.

The character of Jumbo Spencer first appeared in 1963 in a sequence of novels by Helen Cresswell. But it wasn’t until 1976 that television decided to bring the very first of these novels to life.

Filming for the series took place in Luccombe, Somerset.

Jumbo Spencer
Mark Weavers
Maggots (Maggie)
Natalie Boyce
John Weavers
Huw Higginson
Mrs Spencer
Helen Fraser
Mr Spencer
James Smillie
Christopher Watts
Jeffrey Chapman
John O’Farrell
John Quayle
Mr Jefferson
Lionel Taylor
Mrs Perkins
Judy Wilson
Miss Magg
Betty Woolfe
Kate Elphick
Mr Bennett
Geoffrey Russell
Mr Jefferson
Lionel Jeffries
Foxy Fred
Darren Skinner
Foxy Fred’s mother
Martha Ross
Foxy Fred’s father
David Strong