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Kallikaks, the

1 9 7 7 (USA)
5 x 30 minute episodes

Conniving, greedy Jasper T Kallikak (David Huddleston) left his job as a coal miner in his native Appalachia and, along with his family, found his future out west in a town called Nowhere, California.

In tow were his gushingly affectionate wife, Venus (Edie McClurg), his status-conscious teenage daughter Bobbi Lou (Bonnie Ebsen, daughter of Buddy) and his pre-teen son Junior (Patrick J Peterson), who was a technical genius.

The family had inherited a small dual-pump gas station and now Jasper got to be his own boss, making it easier to “beat the system” -which just happened to be the title of the theme song for The Kallikaks.

Jasper had a hired hand from Germany named Oscar Heinz (Peter Palmer). Oscar spoke very little English and, because of his limited grasp of the language, often got a lot of things mixed up.

Jasper T Kallikak
David Huddleston
Venus Kallikak
Edie McClurg
Bobbi Lou Kallikak
Bonnie Ebsen
Junior Kallikak
Patrick J Peterson
Oscar Heinz
Peter Palmer