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1 9 7 5 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Karen Valentine starred as Karen Angelo, a lively, intelligent and involved young woman working as a lobbyist for ‘Open America’, a citizens action organisation in Washington DC.

The founder of the organisation was curmudgeonly Dale Busch (Charles Lane), while the sarcastic and cynical Dena (Dena Dietrich) kept the office running.


Karen roomed with FBI agent Cissy Peterson (Aldine King) at 1460 Cambridge Street in the Georgetown area of Washington.

Jerry (Oliver Clark) and Cheryl (Alix Elias) Siegel were their nutty neighbours.

Joseph Stern played Karen’s good friend Ernie and Edward Winter played her sometimes beau, Representative Bob Hartford.

Also in the cast was Will Seltzer as a young volunteer at the organisation named Adam Cooperman.

ABC-TV program developers had been looking for a concept to star Valentine since she starred as bubbly, slightly kookie, frequently-bungling student teacher Alice Johnson in Room 222.

Gene Reynolds (who produced Room 222) and Larry Gelbart developed the premise for Karen as a mid-season replacement series.

Karen Angelo
Karen Valentine
Dena Madison
Dena Dietrich
Dale Busch
Charles Lane
Cissy Peterson
Aldine King
Joseph Stern
Cheryl Siegel
Alix Elias
Jerry Siegel
Oliver Clark
Adam Cooperman
Will Seltzer
Senator Robert ‘Bob’ Hartford
Edward Winter