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Our Kid

1 9 7 3 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Bob Buslingthope (Barrie Rutter) and his big brother Ben (Ken Platt) live at 59 Spring Street, Halifax. Ever since their mother died, leaving them her house, Ben has taken care of his baby brother (“Our kid”).

Middle-aged Ben still does all of the household chores and takes care of Bob’s every domestic need. Bob is a man of industry – he does daily hard labour down at the local factory – and relies heavily upon Ben.

But he has also caught the attention of local lass, Lynda (Sylvia Brayshay), and the two have become engaged. But can Lynda prise the brothers apart, and will Ben ever let go of the umbilical cord?

This Yorkshire Television production aired on Sunday evenings at 9.30pm. It was created by prolific writers Waterhouse and Hall, and directed and produced by Ian Davidson.

Bob Buslingthorpe 
Barrie Rutter
Ben Buslingthorpe 

Ken Platt

Sylvia Brayshay

Barbara Keogh


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