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Kids from 47A, The

1 9 7 3 – 1 9 7 5 (UK)
41 x 30 minute episodes

After their widowed mother falls ill and is taken into hospital, the Gathercole kids – Jess (16), Willy (14), Binny (12) and George (8) – are left to fend for themselves until Aunt Olive arrives. Aunt Olive, however, doesn’t turn up . . .

Eldest sister Jess (Christine McKenna) realises this could result in the family being split up, so she and her siblings resolve to keep their situation a secret from their mum and the authorities.

By the second series, Mum has died.

Set in Birmingham, The Kids from 47A debuted on 30 May 1973, aired on Wednesday afternoons and was produced by ATV.

Jess Gathercole
Christine McKenna
Willy Gathercole
Nigel Greaves
Binny Gathercole
Gaynor Hodgson
George Gathercole
Russell Lewis
Mrs Batty
Maryann Turner
Mrs Grubb
Peggy Ann Clifford